We are trying to help raise money to support law enforcement agencies by purchasing CAT Tourniquets and Trauma kits or any other needed life saving equipment without all the red tape. A couple years ago there was a grant for tourniquets and trauma kits, but it was not available to all agencies.

Marshall PD Officer Zachary Lastra owes his life today due to having a North American CAT tourniquets available to him on his duty belt. The officer carries a tourniquet on his belt for his protection and the trauma kit in the vehicle provides another tourniquet in case a member of the general public needs one. These will not only possible help save the life of an officer but may possibly help save one of our lives or the life of a family member.

We had been talking about starting a non-profit to keep this going to not only purchase tourniquets & trauma kits for local agencies, but purchase any other needed equipment for agencies without all the red tape. However, after speaking with my CPA he advised that it would cost us up to $4000 and take maybe a year and a half with lawyers and stuff to get that going with the IRS. We will continue to look into this avenue as time goes on and funds become available.

So at the advice of our CPA we have created a stand alone bank account to continue raising funds to purchase equipment for agencies in need. People will be able to donate straight to this account from Venmo or PayPal and we will still accept cash or check donations. Since we are not a non-profit organization donations made here will not be tax deductible. If you have to have a non-profit I will see if I can get something worked out with MPOA. Also according to the CPA with the new tax laws that are in place, individuals will not make enough charitable donations anyways to file long form and it is best for businesses to write their donation off for Marketing anyhow.

So any businesses that donate to this fundraiser from here on out will be added to our Partners page on the Blue Line Safety Solutions website with a link to their website or FB page. A portion of proceeds from sales at Blue Line Safety Solutions will also go into this account to help build it up. Mountain Man Medical has agreed to work with us into the future to get what we need through them. We want to thank everyone who had donated to this cause to date. I will post further information as it comes along as we want to be as transparent as possible.

Donate and share today!


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